Azealia Banks Reveals “F**k Him All Night” Single Art w/ Kanye West on Nails


Azealia Banks has been prominent in headlines this year, as the outspoken rapper has

been seen digging up and boiling her deadbeat to calling out record labels for profiting

off of drug abuse issues by rappers. Amid all of her viral comments, Banks tried to shoot

her shot at Kanye West following the news of his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Speaking on wanting a chance with West, Banks said, “It’s me guys. The powerful black

demon entity awaiting in my ovaries and Kanye’s testicle is finally about to be unleashed

upon the world. All of you n***as are going to JAIL.”

Now, West has taken it a step further, revealing she is still thinking about West on the

cover of her latest music, “F**k Him All Night.”

On the cover, Banks can be seen with a semi-revealing shot of her crotch, with her hands

surrounding the area. Banks’ nails clearly show West’s full name spelled out. So far,

Kanye hasn’t responded to any of Banks’ gestures towards him, but maybe this may

change his mind. Take a look above.


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