Bow Wow Responds to Soulja Boy Denying He Lost “Verzuz”


Despite having one of the most successful ‘Verzuz’ in the run of showdowns so far, Bow

Wow and Soulja Boy’s competitive streak with one another continues, as the two have

been going back-and-forth over who actually won. While on ‘Million Dollaz Worth of

Game,’ Wallo and Gillie spoke to Soulja Boy about who really won the “battle” between

him and Bow Wow.

According to Twitter, Bow Wow won, but Soulja Boy refuted that take, saying only a

small fraction of people’s opinions were being focused on. Soulja Boy said, “That’s cap. I

ain’t never seen one person that said Bow Wow won,” in response to Gillie saying fans

and blogs called Bow Wow the winner. Soulja continued: “I didn’t see it. I was looking at

the whole Twitter. All I saw was my name. I saw blogs say that he won but you know,

they got labels that’ll pay them. They will pay Billboard to put an article out.”

Soulja Boy then claimed Bow Wow and his team paid to get an article on Billboard

claiming he won. The rapper said, “If you see a blog that said he beat me, obviously it

was paid. What the streets said? What the internet said? What the — stop playin’. I ain’t

finna sit here and explain myself. That man paid Billboard to post that sh**. Bow Wow —

Pee Wee, sit your a** down. You know you lost, n***a.”

Bow Wow posted the clip of Soulja talking heavy to his Instagram, along with the

caption: “I don’t know what they putting in that lemonade of yours but it got you a bit

delusional. Love you little brother 😂😂😂😂 Let’s just get ready for tour.” From there,

Bow Wow said, “Bro it’s ok to lose to your big bro. That’s what’s supposed to happen. We

can run it back if you want.” Take a look above.


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