Woman Alleges Carmelo Anthony Is The Father Of Her Newborn Twins (Could be Cap)

 It has only been a few days since a source revealed that La La Anthony was filing for

divorce from her estranged husband Carmelo Anthony, and the tea is starting to flow.

According to Hollywood Unlocked, a 38-year-old woman who doesn’t want her identity

revealed at this time shared text messages alleging that Carmelo is the father of her

newborn twins. The woman claims she met Carmelo in New York last year. At first, she

turned down his advances to hang out a few times but claims they kept in contact and

eventually hooked up. She advised HU she was fully aware Carmelo was married but

insisted he acted like a single man.

The woman alleged that he would FaceTime her while in bed at his residence, which he

shares with Lala. The report also alleges that when the woman found out she was

pregnant last September, she and Carmelo agreed she should’ve gotten an abortion.

However, her case was more serious, and she needed a medical abortion. Someone had

to accompany her to undergo the procedure, but she claims Carmelo never arrived in LA

for the appointment, so it didn’t happen.

The woman alleges that she and Carmelo agreed she would keep a low profile. She

claims they also agreed that she would go out of the country to London to have the twins.

She claims that it was Carmelo’s idea to make the children British citizens. The woman

alleges that she had an agreement with Carmelo that once the season ended, he would

visit her and the children. The woman claims the twins were born prematurely in April

and are currently still in the hospital in England. One of the twins, a baby boy, developed

problems with his brain and lacked oxygen, leading him to undergo surgery this month.

She claimed when she tried to contact Carmelo to no avail after her son didn’t wake up

following surgery. When she did speak to him, he claimed his phone broke.

The woman pressed the issue of him seeing his alleged twins, and he claimed he needed

time to figure everything out due to an alleged issue with La La and their 14-year-old

son, Kiyan. The woman further claims the situation led her to contemplate suicide and

her therapist convinced her to speak out on the situation. She feels she’s been living a

whole lie and claims she denied pregnancy rumors to her family and close friends about

the twins to protect Carmelo and his family. The report continues to state while Carmelo

has allegedly provided a home and money for the woman, it’s not enough. She wants the

twins to have a relationship with their father. The woman also stated she is open to

speaking with La La regarding the situation.

While mentioning La La, the woman also said that one of Lala‘s friends allegedly hired a

private investigator to find out her identity. With all of the drama going on, the woman

did make it clear that her motive isn’t to ruin Carmelo, his family, be messy, or hurt



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