JT Says Lil Uzi Vert Will Be “Homeless” After Night Bike Ride With Meek Mill


The 4th of July found many people gathering for cookouts and just to hang out in

general, and it seems Meek Mill and Uzi took to the streets of Philly to chill. Both

rappers could be seen going on a late-night bike ride with a group of people in a blurred

photo Meek posted on IG.

JT wasted no time in cracking jokes on Meek Mill’s post, saying, “Uzi homeless all for a

bike ride! That’s crazy!” More photos and video footage surfaced, with JT responding by

saying, “N***a stayed out to ride bikes, now he locked out!” She then commented on a

photo of Uzi doing a wheelie on a bike, with her post saying, “Very, very homeless now!”

Take a look above.


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