Gary Owen’s Ex-Wife Names His Alleged Mistress, Says He Paid for Escorts

Comedian Gary Owen’s ex-wife Kenya Duke took to social media with yet another

scathing rant about her former husband.

This time, Duke is accusing the comedian of paying for escorts, having a mistress, and

even called out the suspected mistress in an Instagram post.

“@_itsbribri_ I know, who you Brianna Johnson, a nurse at Memorial Hermann Health.

You definitely know who I am,” wrote Kenya. “You didn’t care @garyownecomedy

was/is married and you don’t seem to care he still hasn’t seen his kids (which is weird

because you are a baby mama).”

“He doesn’t financially support his wife,” she continued. “Although, he has sent me Zero

money (from a company i help build) I am still paying his bills.” Kenya asked the woman

if she enjoyed “the Bahamas and Florida,” asserting that “Brianna” was on vacation with

Owen “spending our family money.”

“Lawyer up, you have now become a big part of this divorce,” Kenya added. “Gurl, Can’t

wait to see that tan [bikini emoji] in court. BTW …your friends don’t like you. They out

here spilling all your cheating tea.”


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