NJ MAN ON RACIST RANT ….Previous Racial Run-Ins Alleged


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The guy who unleashed that racist tirade on his Black neighbor — before getting hauled

away by cops — could have more trouble on the horizon … as prosecutors in New Jersey

dig into past allegations of similar incidents.


Sources with direct knowledge of the case tell TMZ … Edward Cagney Mathews is being

investigated by the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office … not just for last week’s ugly

run-in and arrest, but for several other allegations — including a 2016 confrontation

with a Black woman named Jazmyn Jene.

Jazmyn tells us she exchanged words with Mathews within the condo community where

they both lived, and she captured a good chunk of their wild — and seemingly

threatening — interaction on camera.

In the video, Mathews openly claims to have cops in his back pocket, and he’s giving

Jazmyn 2 options: handle a dispute they were having cordially, or legally. He strongly

suggests the legal route won’t work, because he’s so tight with cops … they wouldn’t do

anything to him.

Eventually, things get racial — Jazmyn accuses him of hurling the n-word — which

Mathews somewhat denies by clarifying he did use the word, but not the way she’s

suggesting. You can see in the video … it’s a pretty weak defense.

Now, she says she did report the incident at the time, but nothing came of it. However,

since Mathews’ arrest — as scores of angry neighbors jeered and hurled objects —

Jazmyn says investigators have apologized to her for not acting earlier.

We’re told Jazmyn has shared the video of her run-in with Mathews with law

enforcement, and it will be included in prosecutor’s expanded probe.


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