Sharon Stone Reportedly Spotted on Dates “All Over L.A.” With Rapper RMR

Sharon Stone and rapper RMR have sparked dating rumors as the two have reportedly

been spotted on dates throughout the Los Angeles area. Last week, the 63-year-old

actress and the 25-year-old rapper were spotted dancing together at Delilah and The

Highlight Room.

“She’s definitely having a hot girl summer,” a source told Page Six. “They were together

hanging out with Drake’s [artist] PND, and they were canoodling and popping bottles.

They were dancing to hip-hop. Chris Brown was also there.”

According to insiders, RMR and Stone have been hanging out for the last few months.

The pair have been spotted liking and commenting on each other’s Instagram posts.

“They’re enjoying each other’s company right now and hanging out,” the source added.

“They’re having a great time together. They’re on the same frequency and it’s a very

unique friendship.”

RMR is known for his mysterious image, often spotted wearing a ski mask and gold grills

on his teeth and guarding his real identity. The rapper did not respond to questions

regarding his relationship with Sharon Stone, while the actress offered “no comment.”

Look above for more images of the pair.

Source: Page Six

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