Bay Area Rapper Sky Balla Arrested for Sexual Assault, Bail Set at $1 Million

Bay Area rapper and registered sex offender Sky Balla was arrested in Las Vegas for a

violent sexual assault. The 41-year-old rapper, who’s worked with notable names such as

E-40, Philthy Rich, and Mozzy, was apprehended in June for allegedly beating and

raping a woman at the Aria hotel.


A sexual assault nurse reported the rape to Las Vegas police and claimed the victim was

“badly injured” and required immediate surgery. When speaking to police, the victim

said she blacked out after taking shots with a man named “Sky,” who she met at the bar.

The alleged victim claimed she woke up to Sky raping her and was punched unconscious

after screaming for him to stop. She claimed Sky attempted to force her to perform oral

sex when she regained consciousness. The bloodied victim reportedly crawled to a dark

bathroom and remained there for two hours until Sky called her an Uber.

The victim was convinced by a friend to go to the hospital due to the pain she was

experiencing days after the attack. Investigators used music videos to identify Sky. In

addition, hotel security had the rapper’s driver’s license on file, and authorities learned

his room had been declared a biohazard due to the blood.

During their investigation, police discovered Sky — whose real name is Skye Nathan

Branklyn — was previously convicted of sexual assault in California and was a registered

sex offender. Records reveal he was convicted of rape in 2009 and released in 2013.

Sky Balla has been charged with sexual assault resulting in substantial bodily harm and

battery with intent to commit sexual assault among additional charges. His bail is

currently set at $1 million and his next court date is July 13th.

Source: KNTV

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