Chicago Man Arrested, Shot Undercover Agents and Cop He Thought Were Opps

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Eugene “Gen Gen” McLaurin, 28, opened fire on an

unmarked car carrying a police officer and two federal agents early Wednesday (July 7),

because he thought they were his “opps,” or rivals. McLaurin is charged with one count

of using a dangerous and deadly weapon to assault an agent with the U.S. Bureau of

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, and is now facing a maximum sentence of

20 years in prison.


A seven-page criminal complaint was filed on Thursday (July 8) against McLaurin,

which states that the officer and agents were working on an undercover investigation

around 5:45 am around the 400 block of West 118th Street. The agents and officer were

in an unmarked Chrysler 300 that was being followed by a white Chevrolet Malibu. The

driver of the Malibu, later identified as McLaurin, pulled alongside the Chrysler and

began shooting in the officers’ vehicle, wounded all three of them.

It was revealed that one ATF agent was hit in the hand and another was struck in the

torso, while the CPD officer was grazed on his head. It was also revealed that one ATF

agent is a man and the other is a woman.

McLaurin was taken into custody later on Wednesday morning after his ID was found

inside of the unoccupied white Malibu. Federal prosecutor John C. Kocoras revealed

that McLarin “acknowledged he was the driver of the vehicle and he fired the shots.”

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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