Off-Duty Cop Knocked Unconscious at Wedding After Making Racist Remarks


According to reports, an off-duty officer in Tennessee was knocked out cold at a wedding

reception after directing racist comments at one of the attendees.

Authorities say 22-year-old Tanner Holt, an off-duty Knoxville Police officer, repeatedly

badgered a black man attending the reception by remarking, “didn’t know they let Black

people in the reception hall.”

Holt continued to make racial comments despite the black man asking him to stop.

Investigators say, “(He) stated that he had asked Holt several times to stop talking to

him about race, but Holt refused,” officers said in the report. “(He) stated that he

couldn’t take it anymore, and punched Holt in the face one time. Holt then fell to the


Holt was subsequently taken to the hospital after getting knocked out. No criminal

charges have been filed. Per the Charlotte Observer:

“Knoxville Police Chief Eve Thomas requested Internal Affairs open an investigation

into the incident on June 28 after the responding officers notified their supervisors of

possible violations of the police department’s Code of Conduct Policy, police

spokesperson Scott Erland told McClatchy News.”


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