Polo G Breaks Down What “Selling Your Soul” Means


Polo G took to Twitter to break down to his followers what selling your soul means.

He started out by writing, “I could neva sell my soul I’m none like those guyz.” Polo G

added, “Sellin yo soul ain’t necessarily a contract w the devil sellin yo soul is goin against

what’s morally right fa your own benefit So when you snitch you sell yo soul, chase clout,

pillow talk to hoes, cross somebody u love for money…just movin Weird in general.”

This comes amid G Herbo revealing that he’s working on a joint album with Polo G, as he

told Bootleg Kev, “I ain’t gon’ lie. To be honest, I’m working on some joint albums

already. Me and Grizzley been locked in. We trying to do some sh*t. Me and Grizzley got

some crazy sh*t. I wanna do a joint with Polo. Me and Polo probably gon’ do a joint.”




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