Karrine Steffans Details Sex Acts w/ Trey Songz, Michael B. Jordan & Chris Brown

Karrine Steffans broke her relative silence during a podcast appearance on “The Salon

with Lala Milan.” Known for exposing her alleged sexual encounters with various

celebrities, the author made new claims involving Trey Songz, Michael B. Jordan, and

Chris Brown.

During the interview, Steffans claimed Trey Songz tried to urinate on her during her

38th birthday.

“Trey Songz tried to pee on me for my birthday,” the 42-year-old claimed. “I was like,

‘Trey, that’s not how birthdays work.’ It was my 38th birthday.”

She also described sleeping with 34-year-old Michael B. Jordan when he was 18. Steffans

rated the actor’s performance as “fine” and “alright” and claimed his mother was upset

at the encounter.

However, Michael B. Jordan was not the only male celebrity Steffans slept with early in

his adulthood. Steffans explained how an 18-year-old Chris Brown “took advantage” of


“I hope he was 18,” she said while describing the affair. “It wasn’t my idea. He snuck up

on me.”

She claimed she was wearing a dress while cleaning her bathtub when Brown allegedly

approached her from behind.

“In my defense, he took advantage, but I liked it,” she added. “I didn’t see it coming.”

Source: The Salon with Lala Milan

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