Caitlyn Jenner Seen Being Run Out of CPAC, Called “Bruce” & “Sick Freak”


Recently, Caitlyn Jenner was seen at the CPAC (Conservative Action Political

Convention), and ended up being mocked by a man who ended up calling Jenner by her

former name “Bruce,” as well as “sick freak.”

The footage that surfaced showed Jenner walking inside a Hilton hotel when a man

approached them with a phone while trying to ask Jenner questions. The California

governor potential was taking a picture with people in the hotel when the person with

the camera began to heckle Jenner, referring to the woman as “Bruce.” Along with that,

the man with the camera could be heard saying “remember Jesus Christ.”

The heckler went on to ask “Hey Bruce, what do you think about the stuff they’re

teaching in schools regarding the LGBTQ.” From there, the man went on to say “look at

this sick freak” while Jenner was seen going to their car. Take a look above.


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