Hitman Holla and Crew Seen Allegedly Beating Up Byron Blake


Recently, footage surfaced that showed Byron Blake allegedly being beat down by

Hitman Holla and a crew of men. The incident reportedly took place at an Atlanta gas


According to a tweet from Hitman Holla, the incident in question didn’t come out of

nowhere. The rapper said, “Last time speaking on this.. a guy made a million blogs

bragging on how 10 of his homies jumped me, followed my lil bro around sneak

recording saying how he was caught lacking & woulda harmed him, clout chasing so

much he pulled up to my place of WORK (MY BATTLE) to do god knows what yesterday

(that happened at the venue before the battle) can y’all tell me a better reason a guy who

wanna do harm to me showed up?”

Hitman Holla went on to address the situation more, saying he didn’t get a “fair one”

when 10 of Blake’s homies allegedly jumped him. He noted that the situation is not him

trying to look cool or tough, but simply protecting himself. Stay tuned for more updates.


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