Blueface Claims 6ix9ine’s Snitching Got His Instagram Page Deleted

The West Coaster wants to face off against the “Trollz” rapper in a bare knuckle boxing


It appears Tekashi 6ix9ine will never shake being labeled a “snitch” and a “rat.” After

testifying against his Nine Trey Gangsters associates in federal court in 2019, 6ix9ine

continues to get called out for allegedly reporting other people to authorities.

The latest chapter in Tekashi’s snitching story includes Los Angeles native Blueface

taking aim at the TattleTales rhymer. Blueface accused 6ix9ine of somehow being

involved in his Instagram account being shut down, but he did not provide any evidence

that was the case.

“Pay close attention. He reported all my [posts] for bullying 🐀 [and] deleted his skit 😂

 playing victim like he did in court 🤦🏽‍♂️my IG be back up shortly,” tweeted Blueface on

Sunday afternoon. He added, “Mans came for me got his feelings hurt so he did what

rats do [and] snitched 🐀 😂.”

Following Akademiks reposting Blueface’s tweets, 6ix9ine jumped in the blogger’s

Instagram comments section. Tekashi did not address Blueface’s accusations that the

self-described internet troll reported his IG page, but the rainbow-haired New Yorker

did share an unsubstantiated number for his net worth and an incorrect number about

his RIAA certifications.

“Ak stop posting me with this 🤡. I know you’re cool with the fight people who [are[

setting his fight up and HOPE I will ever give this man a career. I have 23 million

followers, he has 0. I have a net worth of 10 million, his is 0. I have over 2 dozen

platinum hits, he has 1 song. You can’t compete where [you] don’t compare,” wrote


According to the official RIAA website, 6ix9ine has 8 songs that have reached Platinum

status (“Trollz,” “Gooba,” “Tati,” “Bebe,” “Fefe,” “Kika,” “Stupid,” and “Gumma”).

Seven of his tracks are certified Gold by the RIAA.

In contrast, Blueface earned Platinum plaques for “Thotiana,” “Daddy” featuring Rich

The Kid, and as a guest on DDG’s “Moonwalking in Calabasas (Remix).” He picked up

Gold plaques for his features on G-Eazy’s “West Coast” and French Montana’s “Slide” as


Previously, Blueface and his Cash Money West label head Wack 100 slammed 6ix9ine

for being unwilling to sign on to fight the Find the Beat album creator even though he

admitted on camera to physically assaulting his then-girlfriend, Sara Molina.

Blueface uploaded an Instagram clip of 6ix9ine talking about hitting Sarah. The caption

read, “Tender dick problems 😂 beat me up since you like [that] with females @6ix9ine.”


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