G Herbo Addresses Why Fianceé Taina Blocked Him on Instagram

Update 07/13/2021 10:01am:

Previously, reports surfaced noting that G Herbo’s fianceé Taina blocked him on Instagram. There was much speculation as to why he was blocked, as the info was revealed following Herbo’s appearance at the birthday party for Ari Fletcher, the mother of his son. Since then, Herbo has taken time to address the situation while on Hot 107.9.

During an interview with personality K. Samone, Herbo was asked about Taina and if she still had him blocked. He noted that his lady doesn’t have him blocked and that she blocked him for something unrelated to the rumors. Herbo noted there wasn’t an issue with him going to Ari’s birthday, and she blocked him for trolling her about something they spoke about personally. He then said the “narrative people try to create” wasn’t correct. Watch above.

Original 07/12/2021 11:33am:

Recently, Ari Fletcher—the mother of one of G Herbo’s children, had a massive birthday party this past weekend in Atlanta. The event found many showing up, including Herbo himself. News of this comes as Herbo’s fianceé Taina was at home with their newborn child. While many applaud the support that Herbo and Ari show for each other despite past differences, it seems that there may be an issue with Herbo and Taina, as it was pointed out that Taina no longer follows Herbo on Instagram.

While many speculated on what happened, Taina took to The Shade Room to set the record straight. Via the comments of the post pointing out that she unfollowed Herbo, Taina said, “😂😂😂… That’s still my man he just blocked… nothing to see here 😘.” Take a look above.


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