Kids Try to Sell DaBaby $200 Box of Candy, DaBaby Refuses to Pay


Recently, DaBaby was outside of a store when he was encountered by two kids who tried

to hustle the rapper out of money for the snacks they were selling for an alleged

fundraiser. However, the rapper caught on to what they were trying to do and hopped

out of his sprinter van to level with them. The rapper went on to ask the kids how much

for all the snacks, to which one of the kids responded “$200.”

DaBaby responded in shock then broke down much each bar would cost in the box with

some simple math then told them they blew it, and would have gotten more if they kept it

real and not try to play him. He said “I was gonna bless you anyway. You would have

gotten the $200 but now you got $2. Y’all be good.” Watch above.


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