Police Release Documents Confirming King Von Murdered Notorious Killer

Chicago Police have reportedly released documents confirming King Von as the man who killed the most notorious female gang assassin in Chicago.

Gakirah Barnes, also known as “K.I.,” was said to be the go-to gunman in the Gangster Disciples. Before her death in 2014, Barnes allegedly shot or killed 17 people by the time she was 17-years-old, although she was never charged.

In 2014, Barnes was walking to a friend’s house when a hooded man walked up to her and shot her nine times. She died in a hospital bed two hours later after crawling to a nearby porch where she lost consciousness.

In the unearthed documents, multiple witnesses claimed King Von (real name Dayvon Daquan Bennett) was the shooter who killed Barnes and shot two others.

“Witnesses related that the victims were at the location of 6451 S. Eberhart St, at which time an unknown M/1 wearing a Grey Hoodie and Blue jeans approached the victims,” the document read. “The unknown offender then produced a handgun and began firing in the direction of the victims, striking all three. The unknown offender then was observed entering an unknown vehicle making good his escape.”

According to the document, King Von was positively identified as the gunman but prosecutors felt they would be unable to meet the burden of proof in court and decided not to pursue charges. The document added that the late rapper was charged for another homicide.

“The investigation revealed that the victim was killed by, Dayvon BENNETT,” the document continued. “The CCSAO reviewed the investigation and concurred that BENNETT was positively identified as the offender in the incident and felt that they would be unable to meet the burden of proof in court and formally Rejected charges…It should be noted Dayvon BENNETT was charged with First Degree Murder recorded under HX 281542 in that he shot and killed Malcolm STUCKEY (No IR) on 29 May 14.”

The full record can be found here.

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