Future Accused Of Stealing One Of The Best Songs On “Beast Mode 2”

The superstar rapper and hit producer have been slapped with a lawsuit from a rapper

known as Gutta and his company, Gutta Enterprises.

Gutta says he made a track called “When U Think About It” in January of 2017. That

same month, he received a copyright certificate for his new song, which he planned to

shop around.

According to Gutta he reached out to Zaytoven, in hopes of having the producer augment

his song to make it better.

He also sent a copy to one of the best artists on Future’s Freebandz label, Doe Boy, in

hopes of getting the boss to collaborate with him on the song.

Communication between the trio went cold, until July of 2018 when Future released his

critically acclaimed album Beast Mode 2.

Gutta was shocked.

He didn’t get the collaboration he wanted with Future because the Atlanta rapper simply

stole his song, according to Gutta.

Gutta says Future changed his original recording of “When U Think About It” around to

make his song “When I Think About It.”

“The lyrics in the actual songs, specifically including the hook and chorus, are

substantially similar,” Gutta’s lawyer Christopher W. Niro explained. “Both choruses

contain a theme about having money and have substantially similar structure.”

In June of 2019, Gutta says he contacted Future and Zaytoven about the alleged theft of

his song, but neither bothered to respond.

Gutta is asking a judge to halt the sales of Beast Mode 2 until the issue is sorted out.

Gutta also wants an accounting of all of the profits made from Beast Mode 2 and he is

seeking the maximum amount of damages over the theft of his song “When U Think



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