Game Donates To Indian Red Boy’s Funeral To Head Off Beef With Bloods

Compton rap star Game donated thousands of dollars to help with the burial of Indian

Red Boy.

How has Elvis Presley’s ex-girlfriend compared Bruno Mars to the late King of Rock and


Indian Red Boy was shot and killed during an Instagram live session with one of his

associates known as Kapone.

Kapone and Indian Red Boy, who are both Bloods from Inglewood, were reportedly

involved in the vandalization of a mural dedicated to Nipsey Hussle.

The police are investigating the motive for the murder, including the theory that Indian

Red Boy’s slaying may have been retaliation for defacing the mural of Nip, who was a

member of the Rollin 60’s Crips.

Game became involved in the deadly drama, over a verse he dropped shortly after

Indian Red Boy’s brutal murder.

Game, who was a close affiliate of Nipsey Hussle despite being from a rival gang,

offended a variety of Inglewood Blood sets when he rapped on IG live:

We got more Drake’s (Draco guns) than the Billboard/Disrespecting Nip/The type of

s### you n##### get killed for/We not gon’ stand for the disrespect/Get this .45

pressed against your neck

Game, who is an admitted member of the Piru Bloods, apologized to the sets in

Inglewood, saying the verse was pre-written and he meant no disrespect.

To prove his loyalty to the Bloods, and to de-escalate the situation, Game decided to step

up and donate $5,000 to a GoFundMe to cover Indian Red Boy’s funeral costs.

“Holla’d at the family & got it done as promised with my family… Don’t talk about it, be

about it,” he said.”Rest In Peace @indianredboy…hope it

helps you guys send him off the way he deserves to be.. & from my loved ones to y’all, we

send our condolences.

Game’s manager Wack 100 said he went through the rapper’s phone and confirmed the

bars that were deemed disrespectful had been written over two months ago.

Wack 100 also put up $1,000 to make sure Indian Red Boy received a proper burial.


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