Damon Dash Calls Jay-Z and Roc-a-Fella Lawsuit “Corny” & “Embarrassing”

The legal battle between Damon Dash and Jay-Z is heating up, as Dash recently called

the lawsuit filed by Jay-Z and Roc-a-Fella “corny” & “embarrassing.” Previously, Dash

was accused of trying to sell ‘Reasonable Doubt’ as an NFT, and Dash shot back with a $1

million lawsuit after he claims Jay-Z transferred streaming rights to the album from

Roc-a-Fella to S. Carter Enterprises LLC without getting authorization.


While speaking to HipHopDX, Dash was very candid about the entire situation. Dash

went on to say, “From my perspective, it feels like this was all done to devalue this asset.

I just don’t understand why. What’s odd is that they knew I was only trying to sell one-

third, but they’re trying to say I tried to sell the whole thing. But we all know that that’s

not the case, so why do they keep saying it? The question is, why is it such a big deal?

Why is everyone so scared for me to sell my one-third?”

Dash then went on to address how he feels about how everything is unraveling in the

situation, saying, “Honestly, I think this is corny.” He continued saying, “If there’s an

issue, just call me. Why do I have to hear it? Why do I have to get sued? Biggs, Jay, call

me and tell me what the play is but if you swing on me, I’m going to have to swing back.”

Dash was asked why he thinks Jay-Z didn’t speak to him personally about the situation

and responded by saying, “No idea, but it’s corny and I think it’s embarrassing. And now

I’m in a fight I don’t want to be in when I’m doing other s**t. All I want to do with is sell

my interests and do what I got to do. Instead, I got to be called a liar, I got to have some

white man [Jay-Z’s lawyer, Alex Spiro] calling me a thief, somebody trying to tell me how

to run my business.”  Stay tuned for more updates.

source: HipHopDX

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