Scarface Wants Ice Cube In Verzuz But With A Catch

Geto Boys legends Scarface and Willie D pulled up to The

Breakfast Club earlier this week. When Charlamagne Tha God

tried to find them the perfect Verzuz matchup,

Scarface finally agreed with the co-host’s N.W.A.

suggestion but he’d prefer it to be structured how Ice

Cube described on The Breakfast Club last week,

with both of them playing each other’s favorite records instead

of picking their own 20 tracks and battling.

“I’ll do one with Cube on solo,” Scarface said around the

29-minute mark. “I’ll play all my favorite Cube shit, he’ll

play all his favorite Face shit. I’ll beat him with that. I’ll

kill him with the favorite Cube shit because I got favorite

Cube shit that can’t nobody touch.”


During his appearance on the show, Ice Cube was more luke warm on the idea of a

Verzuz  but did make the same proposal of having an

artist such as Chuck D play his records while Cube played hits

from the Public Enemy leader.


“My version of Verzuz would have been, I pull somebody out there like Chuck D or

Public Enemy or something, and I play all the songs I love from him and he play all the

songs he love from me,” Ice Cube


“It’s a lovefest. But, it’s not something that I’m thinking about doing. If it comes about,

who knows. I ain’t sayin’ yeah, I ain’t saying no.”

Next up on the Verzuz docket, it’s the battle of New York

with Dipset facing off with The LOX at Madison Square

Garden on August 3. This would definitely be a Verzuz we

are looking forward to.


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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