Lamar Odom Sued Over Missed Car Payments Allegedly For Ex Sabrina Parr

Lamar Odom’s rise and fall to rise again has been a storied situation, with the legendary

basketball player now sharing his story to the world. Another added layer arrived when

Odom was engaged to his ex— Sabrina Parr. The split between them got ugly, and now it

seems that Odom is being sued for a situation that stems from their past relationship.

According to reports, Odom is being sued for missing over a year worth of car payments

related to a Chevy Suburban. U.S. Bank Leasing has reportedly filed suit against Odom,

claiming he is behind in payments for the Suburban. Odom hasn’t made a payment on

the vehicle since February 2020 and now allegedly owes over $35,000.

The bank allegedly sent letters to Odom about the missed payments and asked that he

turn over the vehicle as well. From there, they filed a lawsuit, but Odom and his lawyer

have denied the accusations.

A rep for Odom has shifted the blame, saying, “This was not his car, it was purchased for

his ex. The courts are doing what they have to do.” Stay tuned for more updates.

source: TMZ

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