ESPN’s Brian Windhorst dropped the bombshell on his ‘Lowe Post‘ podcast Saturday night … shortly after the Bucks beat the Suns for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. It was a

star-studded game in the stands — and featured none other than Adele, sitting next to LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul … a dude who’s usually behind the scenes, but is a major

NBA power broker.

Adele was photographed getting cozy next to Rich during the game — but there were no obvious signs of PDA to indicate a relationship. In fact, before Windhorst said this

… we’d argue no one even thought anything of the seating arrangement. But, this is … WOW!

Adele and Rich Paul

Neither party has confirmed the relationship — we got calls into both of their camps, no word back yet — but knowing how plugged in Brian is with all things NBA …

something tells us there may be some truth to this. The pro he is, he wouldn’t just drop this without some insight … which he, perhaps, assumed was safe to talk about since

they went “public,” as he puts it. Sounds like this is something that’s been known in NBA circles for a minute.

IF true, it might be one of the more surprising pairings we’ve seen in a while. Adele’s been rumored to have dated Drake, Skepta and even Harry Styles at one point last

year. Remember, she is newly single following the finalization of her divorce from ex, Simon.

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