Lul Tim Clears Up Rumor of Song Allegedly Addressing Lil Durk

Recently, Quando Rondo affiliate Lul Tim dropped a video for the track “Off The List,” where he could be seen rapping with a shovel while smoking around a group of

people. This came months after Tim was released from jail on a $100,000 bond. Now, Lul Tim has taken to social media to clear the air on rumors of a new song he

dropped allegedly addressing Lil Dark, a close friend of King Von.

Via Instagram, Lul Tim reposted a video of him where he was screaming at the camera while saying “Catch Him” and “get that boy.” The headline on the video said, “King

Von’s Killer Has a Message for Durk.”

On his Instagram Stories, Lul Tim said “Didn’t even say that man name, my partner name dirt. Stop clout chasing fan page before I come catch you.” Take a look above.


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