50 Cent Reportedly Wants Teairra Mari to Pay Additional $6,000 in Ongoing Case

News of the legal battle between 50 Cent and Teairra Mari has been mum as of late, but

now things are heating up again as 50 has asked a judge to sanction another $6,000 in

payments due to Mari’s non-payment.

The issues stem from a lawsuit Mari filed against 50 for revenge porn after he allegedly

posted a clip online with Mari and her ex-boyfriend. However, 50 responded to the suit

with one of his own and was awarded $30,000 in the matter.

Mari has yet to pay, and 50 has pushed for more court sanctions, which a judge awarded

him. 50 was previously awarded an additional $7,000 in interest and fees due to Mari

refusing to pay the TV showrunner.

In new court documents that surfaced, 50’s lawyer said, “Mari’s failure to provide any

responses to Jackson’s Discovery Requests is a prime example of Mari’s misuse of the

discovery process, and her overall gamesmanship permeating this entire lawsuit and the

judgment enforcement proceeding.” As of now, 50 has asked a court to sanction the

reality TV star with an additional $6,385, which brings the total she owes 50 Cent to over

$40,000. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: Radar Online

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