Coko of SWV Reveals Group Name Was Initially TLC Before Cease and Desist

SWV and Xscape recently faced off against one another in a Verzuz that found both

groups running down their long list of hits. While the competition between the groups

was friendly, Coko of SWV revealed that the group’s encounters with other artists

weren’t as friendly. While speaking to Carlos King, Coko noted that the group once had

issues with TLC over their name.

Coko was asked about beef with other groups, with Coko responding by saying, “Yeah, of

course, we all had beef with somebody.” She continued saying, “You, know, when SWV

first came out, our name was TLC. Honey, we got a cease and desist real fast.”

The R&B legend went on to say, “So, we had to change our name… We had to change our

names so fast, so, you know, we weren’t too happy about that. That’s how we went from

TLC to SWV.”

The SWV star then pointed out that their issue with TLC wasn’t the only time they had

issues with another girl group. Coko went on to say, “We had a little something with

Jade back in the day.” Coko noted that things never got physical between any of the

groups they had issues with and went on to say, “We were so ghetto. So ghetto! So I don’t

really think—but it wasn’t that deep that we would throw hands or something like that.”

Watch above.


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