Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan Officially Get Married


L.A. Sparks head coach and former NBA player Derek Fisher wed former Basketball

Wives star Gloria Govan, who spoke about their original wedding date being delayed by

the coronavirus.

Gloria told PEOPLE, “We got engaged in 2018, and we eagerly started planning the

wedding, but, unfortunately, like many, we had to cancel our big day. There were times

we thought we should have a Zoom wedding instead of waiting but quickly realized our

families being a part of the big day was important and our kids, who are just as excited

as we are.”

She added, “For Derek and me, our wedding has been about unity and a blending of

families. After the pandemic, we realized how important family really is. We could have

easily eloped or filled out the paperwork and gotten it over with. But sharing this

moment and event with those closest to us took priority over taking the easy route. We

kept our guest list limited to those closest to us.”

Source: PEOPLE

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