Detroit Rapper Peezy Bit, Fought Off Gunmen, One Arrested at the Scene

Detroit rapper Peezy had a run-in with two gunmen on Friday (July 16) after they ran up

on his car while he was sleeping inside.

According to The Detroit News, Peezy’s girlfriend called the police after hearing

screaming and gunshots outside of her home. When police arrived, they found two

armed men fighting and one was heard shouting “Who sent you?” Peezy later told police

that he fought the gunmen and bit one of them several times, which is when the gun is

believed to have gone off.

One of the gunmen, 29-year-old Marquise Pope from Birmingham, Alabama, was

arrested at the scene and treated for minor injuries. Pope was charged with assault with

intent to do great bodily harm less than murder and a firearms offense, and he was held

on $250,000 bond. On July 26, Pope is due in court for a probable cause hearing, which

carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

There was a second suspect involved in the shooting, who remains on the loose.

Source: The Detroit News 

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