Keyshia Cole’s Mom Frankie Dead at 61 From Reported Overdose on Birthday


For years, Keyshia Cole’s biological mother—Frankie Lons, has publicly struggled with

addiction, as the unfortunate journey was partially captured on Cole’s BET reality show.

Now, news has surfaced noting that Frankie has passed away at age 61 due to a reported


According to Cole’s brother Sam, Frankie overdosed this past Sunday at her home in

Oakland, which was her birthday. Frankie was allegedly celebrating and partying when

she took drugs for the moment. The relapse comes after a storied push to become sober.

Sam noted that he was making it a point to check in with Frankie regularly every day,

trying to motivate Lons to stay clean. It was noted that Keyshia Cole often spoke about

her mother’s addiction and also made it a point to encourage her mom via cheering on

her successful moments with staying clear of substances. According to reports, Frankie

made major progress as she and Cole celebrated staying 60 days sober in March 2020.

Condolences to the family of Keyshia Cole.

source: TMZ

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