Tory Lanez Says He Was “Framed” In Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

Tory Lanez seems to have forgotten about the gag order in place over claims he shot

Megan Thee Stallion, because he made a wild claim during a freestyle!

Tory Lanez dropped a Funkmaster Flex freestyle on Hot 97 on Monday that addressed

the Megan thee Stallion shooting controversy.

The Canadian rapper spit his rap to vindicate himself (again) publicly and throw a little

dirt on his ex-girl’s name.

He shouted in his five-minute freestyle, “On Twitter, ‘Oh he canceled,’ now I’m back


“Shout out to DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, and Lil Baby/What I’m about to say is gon’ sound a

little crazy/but it’s true so don’t flame me /Y’all all would have got your awards if they

didn’t frame me,” he rhymed.

According to his logic, during the last award season, those three artists lost their biggest

nominations (i.e., GRAMMYS, American Music Awards, iHeartRadio, BET and more)

because they all had songs with the “What’s Poppin” rapper.

DaBaby was also featured on Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin” with Tory Lanez in 2020,

as well as the troubled artist’s freshly dropped “SKAT” single.

The video is slow-moving and though it was released a month ago, despite having those

two big names, has only garnered a little under half a million views.

Lil Baby appears with Chris Brown and Tory Lanez on the 2018 song, “FlEXiBle.”

While there is no official song with Roddy Ricch and Lanez, there is a popular mashup

on the ‘net to the Nipsey Hussle protégé’s song “Ricch Forever” that includes “Watch for

Your Soul.”

In a comment that has since been deleted (but snapped by The Shade Room), Roddy

Ricch said, “You can’t bite no harder than this. I thought you was better than this.”

Back then, Tory Lanez responded.

“I made this song about my dead homie … Idgaf what y’all n##### is talking bout right

now . It really means nothing .. I went on @roddyricch beat cuz I got luv for his music.”

“And his song . I even did certain things in the song to pay tribute/homage to his song

and show love .. not for y’all to tell me Im biting someone who ain’t been in the game

making PLATINUM records with THIS style for even half the time I have …. One thing I

want y’all to stop doing tho . Is acting as if my voice ain’t been the same for the last 9

years .. and that I don’t play a part in a lot of these new n##### sounds and styles . First

time I met him he told me I inspired him . Y’all n##### can be funny man . But f### it …

let’s just enjoy the music …”


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