Update: Footage Surfaces of SWAT Team Surrounding Fredo Bang’s House

Update 07/22/2021 11:13pm:

Footage has surfaced from Thursday’s arrest of Fredo Bang outside his Miami-area

home. The video shows the SWAT team surrounding his home. It remains unknown

what Fredo Bang was apprehended for while his associate Lit Yoshi was arrested on a

charge of attempted murder connected to a 2019 shooting targeted at NBA Youngboy.

Original 07/22/2021 4:37pm:

Fredo Bang and Lit Yoshi were both arrested separately in Miami Thursday for

outstanding warrants out of Baton Rouge.

The rappers, whose real names are Fredrick Givens and Mieyoshi Young, were arrested

two hours apart. Lit Yoshi was wanted on an attempted murder charge, while it is

currently unknown what Fredo Bang’s charges are.

Lit Yoshi’s charge is reportedly connected to a Miami shooting in May 2019 that targeted

NBA YoungBoy. The shooting resulted in one death and NBA YoungBoy’s girlfriend

getting wounded along with three others.

Fredo Bang and Lit Yoshi’s TBG (Top Boy Gorilla) had allegedly been feuding with the

NBA crew in Louisiana. Louisiana prosecutors linked the TBG group to the Miami

shooting, while a judge ruled the shooting could be used in Lit Yoshi’s attempted murder


Fredo Bang was scheduled to perform at Rolling Loud in Miami Gardens on Friday.

Source: Miami Herald

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