Shots Fired at Haitian President’s Funeral as Police and Protesters Clash

There were reports of shots being fired and tear gas being deployed during the funeral for late Haitian president Jovenel Moïse on Friday (July 23). Mourners and

dignitaries, including a US delegation, were taken to cover as police and protesters clashed at the funeral. So far, no injuries have been reported.

Moïse’s widow, Martine, arrived to the funeral with her arm in a sling after she was injured in the raid on her home earlier this month. Haiti’s national police chief, Léon

Charles, was also at the funeral, and he faced backlash from protesters who believe he didn’t do enough to protect MoÏse.

At least 26 suspects have been arrested for the murder of Moïse, including 18 former Colombian soldiers. Police are still on the search for several more believed to have

been involved in the plot, including a former rebel leader and an ex-senator.


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