Blueface Calls Out Jake Paul, Calls Him a Clown


Blueface had a boxing match where he faced off in a bare-knuckle exhibition with TikTok

star Kane Trujillo. The rapper actually beat Trujillo, but the action didn’t stop there as

he punched a fan who tried to step to him in the ring following the match. Since then,

Blueface has been addressing the matter and even made time to address Jake Paul

during a recent interview, who commented that Blueface wasn’t a draw because all he

does is go to the studio and drugs.

While on ‘The Cruz Show,’ Blueface was asked his thoughts on Paul’s comments and

said, “It’s funny that he says that being someone who came from the entertainment side

to the boxing world. That’s real shallow of him to not view it that way.”

He continued saying, “That’s like somebody else coming into the music industry rapping

funny to everybody else, and I’m bashing him too, even though that’s how I came up.

He’s a total clown for that. He looks like an idiot. I think he’s full of himself. He’s got

about what? Two or three fights?” Paul has yet to respond. Take a look above.


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