DaBaby Slaps His Driver, Gives Driver The Chance to Slap Him Back


Recently, DaBaby made headlines after he reportedly paid $10,000 so that he could perform his full show for fans. The rapper noted that he had no issue because he wanted the crowd to get their money worth, so much that he was willing to go into his own pocket. Now, DaBaby is making waves again, this time for slapping his personal driver, who was asleep.

The slap in question appeared to be playful, but the driver seemed very thrown off and annoyed, as he and another person were sleeping when the rapper slapped him while in the front seat of the car. DaBaby could be seen laughing and saying, “wake yo a** up we bout to go to Rolling Loud.” From there, Dababy posted another video where he said the driver was acting like a “b***h” because he asked him to take the video down.

DaBaby noted that it was all love, and he extended the opportunity to the driver to slap him back, a feat the rapper claims no one has done to him. Watch above.


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