New Mugshot of Derek Chauvin in Prison Surfaces

Previously, it was revealed that Derek Chauvin was nearing a federal plea deal that could

find him serving a 20-to-25 year federal sentence. The deal would be concurrent with the

22 and a half he received in June 2021. Sources reportedly said that Chauvin could

publicly come out with a confession about what was on his mind during the 9-minute

murder involving George Floyd. Now, a mugshot for the former police officer in prison

since being sentenced has surfaced.

The disgraced cop can be seen in an orange jumpsuit, and the photo comes from a

mugshot taken by the Minnesota Department of Corrections on June 28, 2021—only five

days after he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for 2nd-degree unintentional murder

and 2nd-degree manslaughter.

source: TMZ

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