Wisconsin Cop Goes Viral for Allegedly Planting Drugs in Black Man’s Car


Recently, a video went viral of a police officer tossing a small black plastic bag in the

backseat of a man’s car during a traffic stop. It appeared as if the cop was trying to plant

something illegal on the man identified as Trenchkid Savoo. Fortunately for the man, he

was recording the entire ordeal, questioning the cop about what he tossed in the

backseat before the video cut off.

Since then, the man has confirmed that he was safely released. However, the Caledonia

Police Department has now released a statement on the matter after receiving much

backlash for what the police officer allegedly did on camera.

Christopher Botsch, Caledonia PD chief of police, said, “The complete review will take

some time, but I have reviewed portions of the body-worn camera video. Please keep in

mind that the cell phone video that is circulating depicts only a small portion of the

entire encounter; whereas, all available video may provide more context.”

He went on to say the entire body-worn camera footage will become available within the

next few days. Take a look above.

source: TMZ

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