Yung Bleu Reveals Why He Didn’t Resign to Boosie’s Label


Yung Bleu’s career went to new heights in 2020, as the artist was supported by Boosie

early on in his career, and has found success with his hit song “You’re Mine Still”

featuring Drake. While on the Breakfast Club, the artist was asked about the change in

his label situation as well as his situation with Boosie, which caused him to clear the air.

Bleu revealed why he didn’t re-sign to Boosie’s label despite the southern rapper being a

major advocate for him. Bleu said “We really like family so it’s like, it’s more than the

contract…. Whatever I said I’mma do, I’mma still do. A lot of people can’t relate to that

because it’s strictly business with the people that they do business with. Me and Boosie…

[he] like my big bruh.”

Bleu continued on saying that he wanted to push for more in his career so that he could

achieve greater accomplishments, which Boosie understood. He then talked about how

interviews tried to paint his new moves in a negative manner, saying “They try to bring

back stuff that I said and stuff like that just to get him to say something but, like, I really

be around Boosie.” Take a look above.


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