MoneyBagg Yo Responds to Video of Ari Twerking On Another Man


It seems many celebrities have been getting caught up in situations while in the club that

they end up having to explain once video footage goes viral on social media.

Previously, Lil Baby had to address a video of him rubbing the shoulders of another

woman in the club, and now Ari Fletcher has addressed a video of her twerking on

another man.

Ari went on to say, “That’s Greg I was dancing on. I treat my gay male friends just how I

treat my female friends. I would never disrespect my relationship or purposely try to

embarrass my n***a. We just be playing around, I’m done giving y’all certain energy

cause I see all jokes ain’t funny.” Now, Moneybagg Yo has responded to all the

commotion caused by the video in a Twitter post that has been deleted. Moneybagg Yo

said, “Never been insecure dets wats wrong wit u lame ass n***a now, stay focus.” Take a

look above.


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