Dess Dior Tests Positive for COVID Days After Performing at Rolling Loud in Miami

Dess Dior confirmed on Monday that she has

contracted COVID-19, two days after she

performed at the Rolling Loud music festival in



a woman standing on a stage: Rich Fury/Getty Dess Dior

The “Bandz” rapper (born Destiny Bailey), 22,

performed on Saturday at the Hard Rock Stadium

as part of the three-day event. One day later,

she told fans on Twitter, “I’m sick af in soooooo

much pain rn.”


Later in the day, the artist expressed doubt that

COVID-19 was behind her illness.

“​​I don’t think I have Covid but ima get tested to be

safe,” Dior wrote. On Monday, the “Stop Playin”

singer tweeted, “Update: I tested positive for

Covid.”She also cautioned that “everybody who’s

been in contact with me should go get tested



Reps for Dior did not immediately respond to

PEOPLE’s request for comment on when the onset

of her initial symptoms occurred. It’s not clear if

Dior has been vaccinated against COVID-19.


It’s unclear if Rolling Loud tested performers for

COVID-19 ahead of their sets. Reps for the festival

also have not responded to PEOPLE’s request for



a close up of a woman wearing a blue shirt: Rich Fury/Getty Dess Dior

Per the festival’s information page, “Proof of

vaccinations are not required to [enter], as in

accordance with local and state laws.

Vaccinations, however, are an effective way to

fight the virus and are encouraged.”


Guests were also not mandated to wear masks,

“which is in accordance with local and state laws,”

Rolling Loud said, adding, “However, we

encourage all attendees to wear masks, as not

wearing masks consistently and correctly, can

increase risk of being infected with COVID-19.”

We encourage everyone to stay safe and wear a

mask .


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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