Coi Leray Responds to Rolling Loud Set: Crowd Wasn’t Ready for Me


Recently, Coi Leray performed at Rolling Loud Miami, and video footage that surfaced

showed the massive crowd essentially looking non-responsive to the rising rapper. The

clips that have surfaced have gone viral, and now Coi Leray has responded.

While in Los Angeles, Leray was asked about her recent set at Rolling Loud, and she gave

a candid statement about the performance. Leray went on to say the crowd stood there

because she’s not like anything they ever encountered, and she also blamed the music

industry for putting out too much music that sounds similar.

The rapper went on to say she’s patiently waiting for people to hop on board with her

music while she grinds her way to success. Leray told TMZ that artists aren’t creating

any new material that makes fans want to latch on to them and that when people like

herself arrive, it takes more time for people to get into her wave. The rapper noted that’s

what happened at Rolling Loud Miami. Take a look above.

source: TMZ

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