Snoop Dogg & Kevin Hart Give Hilarious Commentary on Tokyo Olympics

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics has been moving along despite the setbacks presented by

COVID-19. With all of that said, NBC took the chance to let new eyes take a view and give

their commentary on the events, with Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart teaming up to speak

on various athletes in sports like skateboarding and equestrian. Needless to say, Snoop

and Hart’s commentary was gold.

The duo was set up by NBC’s streaming service Peacock to look at all the sports in the

Olympics for sports they have no idea about. While looking at the Equestrian events,

Snoop went on to say the horse was “crip walking” at one point. Hart asked to see the

clip again, which led Snoop to start beatboxing to the horse’s movement. Watch above.


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