Biz Markie Laid To Rest In Custom Gold Gucci Suit Courtesy Of Dapper Dan

NEW YORK, NY – Biz Markie (real name Marcel Theo Hall) was laid to rest on Monday (August 2) in New York City, with friends, family and peers showing up in droves to pay their respects to the Juice Crew legend.


Fellow Juice Crew member Roxanne Shanté, his

DJ Cutmaster Cool V, Montell Jordan and Rev. Al

Sharpton were a few who took the podium to

speak about their fallen friend or sing a song,

while Fat Joe, Ice-T, Erick Sermon, Parish Smith,

Redman, Big Daddy Kane, Kid Capri and De La

Soul’s Maseo were among the attendees.


Toward the end of the service, Biz’s wife of 16

years, Tara Davis-Hall, went on to describe their

household like a “sitcom” as she reflected on

their life together.

“A lot of you guys have been riding with me for

the past year, but I just want to tell you what kind

of husband and father Biz was,” she said. “He

was a man of God and he was amazing, of course.

As soon as he would step into our house, into our

door from being on the road, he would yell, ‘Tara,

Avery, Major, I’m home!’ With his backpack still

on, we would just run downstairs and give him a

big, big hug. I mean, you would think he was been

gone for like weeks and weeks and weeks, but it

would only be like a day or two [laughs].”


She added, “I always wanted us our house to be

the best place that he was all week and it was. It

was loud with jokes, music, TV, FaceTime,

conversations — I heard all the conversations he

was having with you guys. When he’d hang up, I’d

be like, ‘You know you lyin’, right?’”


Biz Markie’s widow also revealed Michelle and

Barack Obama contacted her after Biz’s death to

offer their condolences as she promised to keep

his legacy alive.


“Even presidents…Barack Obama and Michelle

Obama, they sent me a heartfelt letter,” she

continued. “Avery and I were blown away that

they took their time out to send their condolences

about the loss of our loved one and our family. I

mean, Barack and Michelle Obama. That’s kind of

person Biz was … He was just an amazing person.


“I also want to thank the wives of Biz’s friends.

You guys have embraced me, supported me and

thank you for supporting your men because it’s

not easy when your man is larger than life or

when he’s a celebrity. Sometimes you just look at

the wives, like they’re not doing much, but

they’re doing it all. They really are.”


MC Debbie D, who was also affiliated with the

Juice Crew back in the day, noted Biz was buried

in a custom Gucci set from Dapper Dan.



wrote via Instagram. “DRIPPIN IN A GOLD 2



In July 2020, it was reported Biz Markie had

been hospitalized for weeks with a “serious

illness” unrelated to COVID-19 but possibly

linked to his Type II diabetes.


As the weeks dragged on, rumors online

suggested he’d slipped into a coma. When

sources reached out to Biz’s management, they

denied anything of the sort. But by December

2020, his close friends were baffled by his

mysterious disappearance and worried he

could’ve quietly passed away.




“He’s not doing great, but it’s not as scandalous

as it felt in the beginning,” the source told us at

the time. “Short story is Biz is diabetic, he had

slipped into a diabetic coma, but that has

happened to him in the past and it would only

last a little while. He would go to the hospital, get

discharged and get his meds under control. This

particular time, he had a stroke while he was in

the middle of the coma.”


Following a horrific false death rumor, Biz

ultimately did lose his fight with Type II

diabetes on July 16, bringing his 57 years on

earth to an untimely end. Diabetes is a very

serious illness that continues to affect us.


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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