Master P's Incarcerated Brother C-Murder Claims Sealed Documents Hold Keys To His Freedom

Now, following a series of major twists in the

aftermath of his trial, the former TRU rapper

claims there are sealed documents that hold the

keys to his freedom.


In a press release issued by his publicist on

Wednesday (August 4), C-Murder alleges the

existence of 31 concealed documents showing an

illegal DNA cover-up that was not presented

during his murder trial.


He claims that when his DNA was run through

the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)

database, a match was found but the District

Attorney directed that the genetic data be taken

out of the system and for it be marked as a

forensic unknown.


Miller is asking for a full investigation into “the

corruption that led to his current incarceration”

and that the press files a motion for the 31

documents to be given to him and his legal team.

The courts are apparently fighting against the

release of these documents.


“Half my life has been stolen by the Louisiana

Judicial System and it stops now!” C-Murder



The press release also states that the No Limit

rapper, who is currently being housed at Elayn

Hunt Correctional Center in Jefferson Parish,

Louisiana, has begun a hunger strike in protest of

the medical neglect that he and other inmates

have been facing since the start of the COVID-19


“Since the onset of COVID-19, they have

continued placing the inmates that have tested

positive for the virus in the dorms with inmates

that were COVID-19 negative,” he says. “This has

not only spread the virus but has caused

abnormally long quarantine times.”


He adds, “While quarantined, the inmates are on

constant lockdown and are not allowed to leave

the dorm to receive fresh air. The tests that they

provide are not up to standard and they are

giving many erroneous results. There are many

inmates that have ailments that were not

properly treated and as a result, have died after

contracting the virus.


“I believe that the world should know what is

occurring here and their loved ones deserve to

know the truth.” #FreeCmurder


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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