Foolio[Self Snitching] Lists Over 30 Dead Opps After Back & Forth with Kodak Black

A brief back and forth with Kodak Black resulted in Foolio listing over 30 deceased rivals this past weekend. While no exact reason was given for the issue between the two Florida rappers, Kodak was seen calling out Foolio during the Jacksonville artist’s Instagram Live session.

“I’m here right now,” Kodak commented on Foolion’s Live session. “You too internet.”

Foolio responded to Kodak Black’s comments on his Instagram Story and claimed they both used to be cool with each other. Foolio accused Kodak of calling him about an

individual named, “Quondo,” before stating he could name over 25 dead people.

“On treyd I got unlimited dead oppw I can name over 25 dead people,” Foolio wrote in his Instagram Story. “Every time these rappers start fw my opps they go to acting like

I’m they opp now like that’s wat all this s*** about out of town rapper hoppin I’m Jacksonville s***…ion respect it u lame vibing yo opps must be terrorizing u…WE DONT

NEED NO EXTRA OUTTA TOWN RAPPER TO CLICK UP WIT NONE OF THAT WE STEP OURSELF…if u woulda minded yo business it woulda been good.”

Foolio continued by naming over 30 dead people in his Instagram Story and writing, “Them all dead opps from Jacksonville I coulda added way more names but I stopped

at 30 lol.”

Foolio also posted a fan comment about him offering kind words about Kodak Black in interviews and wrote, “I’ll never speak highly of nobody again.”

Look above to view Foolio’s posts.


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