Future Allegedly Texted His 8-Year-Old Son “Your Mother Is A H*e,” Baby Mama Brittni Mealy Claimed He’s Butthurt Over THIS…

Last night, rapper Future’s ex-girlfriend Brittni Mealy put his alleged text messages and phone number on blast in rage. The 32-year-old business owner shared the texts to

her IG story feed, claiming her son’s father messaged their son, “your mother is a h*e.”

WOW! Brittni then added to the screenshot of the alleged texts from Future:

“He [Future] texts this to a child. You [are] a real coward. He [is]8 years old stupid.”

The allegations didn’t stop there! Brittni putting her famous baby daddy on blast actually sparked a back and forth between her, the rapper, and even his MOTHER online.

In his first response, Future left a “cap” emoji under Brittni’s allegations in the comments of TheShadeRoom, denying he sent the volatile texts to his grade-schooler.

Brittni then doubled down, calling out the father as “abusive.”


“Definitely not cap. TF I got to lie for you said it definitely your # and his son so stand on it and pipe down if you don’t want these recordings posted. On Gawd you said it

they need to cancel you. Cruelty to children! Haven’t seen him in three months but in the same state I can keep going. Got a refund on his school clothes today. Petty cause

someone don’t wanna be sexually active with you and just want to co-parent!! I have been sooooo nice and calm I’m tired now!!! But I’m chill. Do not play about my kids.

I’m a mother first and always go stand up for mine!”

Future then pettily took to his Twitter account and shared a cryptic message, “Pray for Her”, which fans assumed was pointed at Mealy. Whew, the villainy!

Now here’s the bizarre part of the story! Future’s own mother, Stephanie Jester, seemed to kick heartbroken Brittni while she was down over her son by sharing a cryptic

message to her own IG page, writing:


It’s sad when [people] can’t get their way so they turn to social media for attention. No matter how much you give a person it’s never enough. We have to really pray for

self-love because [people[ take it out on everyone else. #MentalHealthIsReal



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