Meek Mill Tells Tory Lanez 'I Don't Fuck Wit You' After Petty Spell Check

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Meek Mill may be celebrating

Thursday (August 12), the Philly rapper got involved in a

heated exchange with Tory Lanez, who initially jumped

into the comments section to correct Meek’s spelling.


“Blessings..,” read Meek’s caption. “I got ‘the Nelson

Mandela humanitarian award’ Thankyou Rip to the great

Nelson Mandela. ‘I ain’t grow up playing ball I had a

smith & western* because where I’m from it’s very hard

to turn 27’ #survivors.”


While the likes of Slim Thug, Tierra Whack and former

NBA champion Stephen Jackson congratulated Meek on

his award, Tory decided to nitpick Meek’s spelling of the

weapons manufacturer by commenting, “Smith &



In response, Meek wrote, “It’s called ‘meek flow’ say

congrats or something weirdo lol.” To which Tory replied,

“It wasn’t that deep … just ain’t want u to look dumb .

Congrats tho bozo.”

The exchange then took a more confrontational tone as

Meek Mill straight up told the Toronto rapper, “I don’t

fuck wit you right now.”


“It’s kinda of deep you tryna help me wit my spelling and

you know for a fact I don’t fuck wit you right now,” Meek

clapped back. “If y’all Guys really rich why y’all acting like

we cool on the net And you know we not do you … and

stay out of street business when we talking about them



It’s unclear where the tension between Meek Mill and

Tory Lanez stems from exactly. Some fans have pointed

to Tory’s recent “When It’s Dark” freestyle, which was

primarily aimed at fellow Philly MC Cassidy, yet finds the

Toronto rapper adopting a Meek-like flow without

remorse. “I’ll steal a n-gga’s flow and what?” he taunted.


In 2019, there was speculation that Tory Lanez had

poached Harlem MC Melii from Meek Mill’s Dream

Chasers label. However, in an interview with Genius at

the time, Tory clarified there was no bad blood between

him and Meek.


“That’s my dog,” he said. “I never had an issue with Meek.

We got on the phone and we spoke about what we spoke

about. And once we spoke, it was done. It was never a

thing like that. I think the world be thinking more into it

than it is.”


In the past, Meek Mill and Tory Lanez have collaborated

on songs such as “Litty,” “Lord Knows” and the now

ironically-titled “Fuckin’ Wit Me.” Both rappers found

themselves in Drake’s crosshairs on his 2016 diss track

Summer Sixteen.” Who’s going to be beefin tomorrow ?


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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