Amber Rose Exposes Boyfriend AE For Allegedly Cheating With 12 Women

Amber Rose vented on Instagram Tuesday, claiming she’s “tired of being

cheated on.” In a series of posts on her Instagram Story, she accused

boyfriend AE of having an affair with 12 different women and said she has

texts and DMs to support her claims.

“I’m tired of getting cheated on and being embarrassed behind the scenes,”

Rose wrote. “All 12 of y’all bums (The ones that I know of there’s probably

more) can have him. Y’all very much knew he was in a relationship with a

baby and y’all decided to f*** him anyway I saw all the texts and DM’s. Y’all

were well aware but y’all don’t owe me any loyalty so it’s whatever. I can’t be

the only one fighting for my family anymore. I’ve been so loyal and

transparent but I haven’t gotten the same energy in return. I’ll never say the

girls’ names because I’m not in the business of ruining lives but y’all know

who you are. As for him… The lack of loyalty and the disrespect is ridiculous

and I’m done.”

Rose followed up by calling out her mom as well by adding, “My raging

narcissistic mom can get the f*** out of my life too. On my kids.”

She ended her series of posts by claiming she’s been “suffering in silence” for

an extended period of time, which has caused her to be more silent than


“I’m tired of being mentally and emotionally abused by people that I love I’ve

been suffering in silence for a long time and I can’t take it anymore,” she

continued. “That’s why I’ve been so quiet I’ve been a shell of who I used to be

but I refuse to let anyone damage me anymore. Family or not.”


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