Wack 100 Responds to Meek Mill on Clubhouse and Defends 6ix9ine: ‘You Ain’t That Type of N***a’

After Meek Mill suggested hip-hop manager Wack 100 is

manipulating and controlling younger gangs that “he

need protection from,” Wack has responded.


In a recent Clubhouse chat, Wack 100 was asked if he had

seen what Meek said about him, to which he responded,

“Nah I ain’t seen what Meek Mill said, Meek Mill been

ducking fades.”


Wack brought up Meek’s efforts to fight for criminal

justice reform. “We just watched him get marked out,

6ix9ine marked the guy,” he said. “Don’t go talking about

you an advocate for convicts, you weren’t even a convict.

You did 110 days, your gripe is you been on probation 11

years, you ain’t do 11 years. Fuck outta here with that shit,

n***a. You crying about being free on probation, n***a.

You know what I’m saying? I ain’t lying.”


When it was brought up that Meek wanted to have “a real

gangsta meeting in private with [Louis Farrakhan] and

other strong Black men,” Wack 100 responded, “We can

do that.” He then proceeded to accuse Meek of “posing as

a street n***a,” and said Mill’s team hit Wack up after he

got out of prison to squash the beef between Meek and the



“This man made himself the spokesperson as a 6ix9ine

killer,” Wack continued. “6ix9ine is not a police, my

n***a, he’s a rat. In the streets, things happen to rats.

What the fuck is you talking about? He’s the police, n***a?

He worked with the police, that’s what made him the rat.

And since he made himself the n***a that wanted to deal

with the rat when the rat pulled up on you aggressive, you

was supposed to deal with that.”


“Last time I talked to Meek Mill on the phone…been three

years bro,” Wack 100 said. “We both know you ain’t that

type of n***a.”

Later in the chat, he continued to defend 6ix9ine. “I don’t

think 6ix9ine, being who he is…I tell people all the time,

civilians cannot be labeled snitches.” He did accuse those

around 6ix9ine of enabling him by “letting him in,” and

ultimately concluded it was the Nine Trey Gangster

Bloods at fault for allowing 6ix9ine into their inner circle

before ultimately cooperating with authorities.


In a separate recent Clubhouse session that also featured

Wack 100, 6ix9ine took the opportunity to share his

thoughts on the “Going Bad” rapper.


“I’m on federal parole, he’s not, n***a,” said 6ix9ine. “I

went to jail for RICO, racketeering, he went to jail for

poppin’ a wheelie. Two different n***as.” He then

suggested that Meek was “a pussy” because he didn’t

attempt to land a punch when the two clashed in person.

“You had me right there, n***a.”


In the same session Wack added, “6ix9ine couldn’t’ve

pushed up on me like that without it being immediate

violence, homie.” Clout chasing is a dangerous thing.


Source: Tyshawn Smith

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