Tyler The Creator and Freddie Gibbs Joke About Sexuality in the Studio

Recently, Tyler, the Creator, and Freddie Gibbs went on Instagram Live as they were working in the studio, and the two could be seen making music together and constantly cracking jokes along the way. The conversation between the powerhouse artists found them speaking on things like teaching Gibbs how to swim and more. At one point, the conversation focused on their sexuality.

Freddie ended up saying to Tyler: “When you came out gay, motherf**kers supported you.” Tyler immediately responded by saying “Whoa, I never came out. I don’t know what anyone’s talking about. I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m a….”

The two then laughed before Tyler went on to say “Is this what you’re saying Freddie? Is Freddie coming out?” Freddie responded by saying, “You already out!” Tyler then said, “Freddie’s coming out!!!” before Gibbs responded by saying, “N***a get the f**k off my Live.” Tyler laughed and said, “N***a you put me on here..” Watch above.


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